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1. Do I need to weigh my calf in?

Yes, weigh-in is mandatory only for steers being sold at the Fair.

2. What do I need for weigh-in?

You will need a halter broken calf and a haul slip. If the brand inspector is available to attend spring weigh-in, any change of ownership can be done at that time. Bring your bill of sale and haul slip. If your show steer is branded and comes out of your own herd but your child 'owns' the steer, your child's name must be on your brand registration, otherwise you must do a change of ownership from the brand owner to the child.

We will ask you: name of showman, address, contact phone number for a parent, FFA or 4-H group affiliation, and month and year the calf was born.

**Please be advised, if your calf is not halter broken you will be turned away at the scale. This is for the safety of the youth, volunteers, and animals. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

3. Do I need a haul slip?

Yes, anytime you haul cattle in Washington State you need to have a haul slip filled out. When you weigh-in at FAIR TIME, we need your haul slip. You can order books from WSDA, more info at this link: https://agr.wa.gov/services/inspections-and-investigations/inspections/livestock/livestock-inspection

4. What is Quality Assurance and when do I need it?

Quality Assurance and the Producer Affidavit and Market Beef Health Record Form are BOTH mandatory for anyone entering a Market Steer in the PEF.

Showmen must complete Quality Assurance training, either in person or online at https://yqcaprogram.org/. After completing the online learning module they will be issued a certificate number, that number must be entered in your online Fair Registration.

Showmen must also complete a Producer Affidavit and Market Beef Health Record Form (commonly called a Quality Assurance form, not to be confused with the QA training mentioned above), found here: https://pubs.extension.wsu.edu/producer-affidavit-market-beef-health-record

This must be turned in to us when you weigh-in at FAIR TIME.

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