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Stock Sale Support

Palouse Empire Junior Market Stock Sale Association 2023 sale Date: Saturday, September 9th at 11:30 a.m.

Buy an Animal for your Freezer:

You may bid on an animal of your choice at the sale or have someone else bid on it for you. (Volunteers are available – contact anyone in the Stock Sale Committee for details). Custom slaughtering services are available to take delivery of the animal at the sale for you. You will be responsible for the cost of processing the animal in addition to the auction bid. Many people purchase animal together and share it with family and friends

Buy an Animal; Turn it to The Packer:

Many people want to support student showmen but may not need the locker meat. You can still bid on an animal above the floor price (determined in advance) of the packer. If you are the successful bidder, you turn the animal to the packer and simply pay the difference between the floor price and your bid. If you are having someone bid for you, ask the sale floor price and the approximate weight of the animal you are interested in. Since the cost of production is often close to or about the floor price, this personal contribution is a wonderful way of rewarding the hundreds of hours of work and preparation these young livestock producers have invested in their projects

Any changes to Sales Slips signed at time of Sale must be made by 8:00 p.m. (Saturday Evening)

These Changes must be made in the Sale Office (located at the Fairgrounds).

How to Give Extra Support:

  • If you would like to give some extra support monies to the exhibitors who are selling an animal, you will need to fill out the "Extra Support Form". Copies are available at the Sale Office and at the Buyer's table in the Youth Agricultural Pavilion during the sale.
  • Complete the form and make your check payable to: PEJMSSA.
  • Please bring your completed form and payment to the Sale Office (located at the Fairgrounds) by Friday of the Fair or to the Youth Agricultural Pavilion on the Saturday during the Sale.
  • If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact a superintendent in the Beef, Sheep or Swine Barns, a member of the Sale Committee, or at the Sale Office (located at the Fairgrounds, and open during all four (4) days of the Fair).
  • Please Note: Support monies cannot be given to Exhibitors who do not sell an animal at the Sale.
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